Anniversary flowers

These are always special times to celebrate a particular anniversary, whether it be for a partner, a friend or a relative, a special way to show you care is to send a bouquet with meaning.

You could send a bouquet that has the same flowers as a wedding day, or golden roses for that very special anniversary, maybe beautiful red roses for a ruby celebration.

The sliding gallery above gives you a idea of what we can produce and the starting prices of each. Please call to discuss your specific requirements.

See below for a list of those anniversary meanings.

1st Paper 2nd Cotton 3rd Leather 4th Silk
5th wood 6th Iron 7th Wool 8th Bonze
9th Pottery 10th Tin 15th Crystal 20th China
25th Silver 30th Pearl 35th Coral 40th Ruby
45th Sapphire 50th Gold 55th Emerald 60th Diamond
75th Second diamond      

You could even send a "Blooming stuff" bouquet, perhaps cotton hankies for 2nd
Silk knickers for 4th!

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